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Servicing New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware!


Servicing New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware!

Thank you for choosing We Party 4 Kidz, LLC!

We are thrilled to be a part of your celebration!


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​​What time should I begin the character/ artistic entertainment? 

​We generally recommend that you begin the entertainment 1 hour after the start of the party. However, you know your friends and family best. If you know they usually come two hours later than the start time of an event, you may want to plan accordingly.

If you're planning a two hour party, we can come right at the start, and begin face painting or balloon twisting as soon as the children arrive, so they will have an activity as you are awaiting the arrival of the rest of the children.

We have a very busy schedule and cannot always stay past our allotted time for your party.

Does the $75 deposit come off the balance? How do I pay the balance?

Yes! The balance is due in cash or a company check to the entertainer performing your event.

What is your Refund Policy​?

We do realize things happen. Plans must change for one reason or another. This is why we allow you a full refund 3 weeks ahead of your event. Half refund two weeks before the event. No refund within 7 days of the event. If you reschedule, however, we are happy to accommodate a new date and time, with your original deposit, within a year of the event. Weather cancellations and/or postponements will only be decided the morning of for inflatable rentals. NO REFUND is given once it is inflated.​

What do I need to provide?

If you hired a mascot character, the entertainer will need a bathroom, or spare room for costume changing. Impersonators, Princesses, and Clown often arrive already in costume.

A power source is often needed to plug in our music and/or inflatable.

If you requested face painting, we will need a small table surface or end of a large table to set-up on, along with 2 chairs. We have all other supplies needed!

Can I extend the time of entertainment at the event?

We cannot guarantee it. Same day party extension requests are made frequently. However, prior event scheduling often prevents the possibility. We stay when we can upon request, but ask that you please take an extra minute when booking and consider your attendees, little ones may take more time to focus, older children may make additional demands on our team; each can slow our time lines. If you are considering that it may be a possibility for you to request more time, it is recommended that you reserve it in advance. Extra time to a party is never a bad thing!

1 Entertainer:                                            2 Entertainers:

+30 min=$35                                            +30 min=$60

+60 min=$60                                            +60 min=$110

*The FULL balance is to be given to the entertainer BEFORE continuing the extended service!

Is gratuity already included in the price?

 We do NOT include a gratuity in the price quoted. However, gratuity is accepted upon your discretion and it truly varies. We receive anywhere from $0-$100, but the norm is around $10-$20 per entertainer. 

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